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BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Ticket Hosts[edit | edit source]


BlizzCon 2016 is kicking off! There’s a ton to see and explore, and you’ll need an accomplished team of heroes to guide you to your mission objectives: Introducing the hosts of the Virtual Ticket and DIRECTV broadcasts!


Michele Morrow (@michelemorrow)[edit | edit source]

Actress, #TeamSylvanas member, and voice of Alleria Windrunner Michele Morrow returns for her third year as co-anchor at the DIRECTV desk, where she’ll be guiding you through the BlizzCon action on both days of the show.

Michele’s been a part of multiple Blizzard events, including hosting the Warcraft black carpet movie premiere in Hollywood and the first Heroes of the Dorm competition on ESPN2, and made her BlizzCon debut in 2014—we’re thrilled to have her as part of the team!


Alex Albrecht (@alexalbrecht)[edit | edit source]

Co-anchoring the DIRECTV desk this year once more is Alex Albrecht—actor, director, and one half of the Half Hour Happy Hour podcast.

Alex has hosted popular geek-culture TV shows like G4’s The Screen Savers and created the World of Warcraft podcast and website Project Lore—and in between BlizzCon gigs, you might have spotted him and Michele co-hosting a real-life game of Capture the Flag in preparation for the Warcraft movie.


Malik Forté (@Malik4Play)[edit | edit source]

Bleacher Report gaming host and analyst, Crewham member, and correspondent Malik Forté has played a role in multiple events for Blizzard games, including last year’s BlizzCon and the recent Overwatch Open tournament.

Malik will be exploring the show floor and reporting on all manner of convention activity, and we’re excited to welcome him back for his second year in a row!