Heroes of the Storm/Opening Ceremony Blizzard Quotes

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November 6, 2015: Opening Ceremony Blizzard Quotes from HeroesNexus.com[edit | edit source]

New Game Mode - Arena[edit | edit source]

  • You're given 3 random heroes to choose from (for 45 seconds), then select an heroic and join the fray. Players can have the same hero!
  • Will have specific maps for it. They showed maps that seem to be related to the current themes (Dragon Shire, Garden of Terror, Sky Temple).
  • Still in development - no ETA.
  • You're given a random hero, chose an heroic, and are thrown into a 5 minute non-stop fight built around a single map objective, played in rounds in a "best of 3" format.
  • Every round the Layout of the map changes!
  • Healing from the Hall of the Storm is instantaneous, and Death Timers are shorter.

New Battleground - Towers of Doom[edit | edit source]

  • Seems to be a Halloween themed battleground.
  • When you destroy enemy towns, they become yours!

New Heroes[edit | edit source]

  • Genn Greymane - seems to be capable of fighting as both melee (Werewolf form) and ranged (firearm).
  • Lunara - Dryad ranged hero.
  • Tracer - available likely after Overwatch launches (at most June 2016).
  • Cho'Gall - 1 hero controlled by TWO players!!!
  • Players who attended Blizzcon or bought a Virtual Ticket will get Cho'gall for free.
  • If you party up and play 2 games with someone who does not have Cho'gall, they will unlock the hero for free as well.
  • If you play 4 games as Cho'gall with someone else, you will get bonus gold!

New Skins and Mounts![edit | edit source]

  • There seems to be a few Halloween themed skins - for Arthas, Brightwing (or could be a special mount for Arthas), Sylvanas, Stitches (Santa Claus?), Greymane and Cho'Gall.
  • Lunara seems to have an Armored Night-Elf Lunara skin.