Heroes of the Storm/Opening Ceremony Announcements

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November 4: [BlizzCon 2016 - The Opening Ceremony has Started!][edit | edit source]

  • Update 11:53 AM PDT: Nov 15 to Jan 4th, Nexus Challenge is live. Team up with one or more friends to unlock free rewards in Heroes and Overwatch. 15 games for Oni Genji skin, Zarya Hero. 30 games grant four additional heroes, 30 day stim pack, and more!
  • Update 11:48 AM PDT: Varian and Ragnaros heroes are coming to Heroes of the Storm! Varian is a multiclass hero, becoming a Warrior or Assassin depending on the talents you select. Ragnaros has a Molten Core trait that takes over any fort, standing or not, and become gigantic. You become the raid boss, defending against an enemy siege or bolstering your push. Varian comes out the week of November 15th with Ragnaros following in December.
  • Update 11:41 AM PDT: Heroes of the Storm is getting a new brawl, Blackheart's Revenge. In this brawl, only one team has a core. You defend it or sail the seas to blow it up. Coming November 15th.
  • Update 11:30 AM PDT: A Heroes of the Dorm documentary releases next week to the world and tomorrow at BlizzCon.