Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platform: PC, OS X, iPad, iPhone, Android
Release Date: March 11, 2014
Genre: Collectible Card Game
Website: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/

Wiki: Hearthstone Wiki at Gamepedia
Fansite: Hearthpwn.com

Sheathe your sword, draw your deck, and get ready for Hearthstone - the fast paced strategy card game that's easy to learn and massively fun. Start a free game on Battle.net and play your cards to sling spells, summon creatures, and command the heroes of Warcraft in duels of epic strategy.

  • With powerful prebuilt decks, and hundreds of additional cards to win, craft or purchase - your collection never stops evolving.
  • Challenge players of all skill levels on Battle.net or hone your skills in practice matches against some of the greatest strategists of Azeroth - Thrall, Uther, Gul'dan, and more!

Blizzcon Reveals & Announcements

November 5, 2016 Dev Interview with Dean Ayala[edit | edit source]

Dev Interview-hearth-2016.png

November 5, 2016 BlizzCon 2016 Hearthstone Q&A Panel - Live Recap[edit | edit source]

BlizzCon 2016 Hearthstone Q A Panel Live Recap News HearthPwn.png

November 4, 2016 2016 Hearthstone World Championships Deck Lists[edit | edit source]


November 4, 2016 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Kazakus[edit | edit source]


November 4, 2016 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Cinematic Trailer[edit | edit source]


November 4, 2016 Hearthstone Panel Coverage on Hearthpwn[edit | edit source]


November 4, 2016 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Official Blog[edit | edit source]


November 4, 2016 Opening Ceremony Announcements[edit | edit source]


November 7, 2015: Tavern Brawls and Open Q&A[edit | edit source]


November 6, 2015: Blizzard Quotes Update[edit | edit source]


November 6, 2015: New Cards & Game Boards[edit | edit source]


November 6, 2015: [Curse: Hearthstone Announces League of Explorers][edit | edit source]

Get ready because on the 12th we'll be seeing Hearthstones League of Explorers Adventure!

November 6, 2015: The League of Explorers - Hearthstone's Third Adventure![edit | edit source]


November 6, 2015: League of Explorers Reveal[edit | edit source]


October 9, 2015: Hearthstone Tavern at BlizzCon![edit | edit source]