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This BlizzCon, add some epic artwork to your personal stash—and support a great cause in the process! Beginning today and running through Friday, November 11, we’re hosting a special online BlizzCon Charity Auction again via eBay, featuring original Blizzard art, unique memorabilia, and other cool collectibles from our games. You have a chance to score awesome new loot for your collection, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children’s).

For more information and to place a bid, visit the BlizzCon 2016 Charity Auction page.

Oversized Pachimari Plush (1 of 3 made)
The Lost Vikings
2015 Blizzard Employee Exclusive Gift, Signed
Blizzard Entertainment
Signed Art of Blizzard Entertainment Book
Signed Cinematic Still "Recall" - Winston
Artofblizzauc.jpg Winstonstillauc.jpg
Signed Sonya Sketch by Luke "Mr Jack" Mancini
World of/Warcraft
Signed Original Kargath Bladefist Sketch by Alex Horley
Sonyaauc.jpg Bladefistauc.jpg
World of Warcraft
Deathwing Plush (only ONE made, hand-sewn)
Signed Tyrael Framed Fine Art Print by Brom
Dwingauc.jpg Tyraelauc.jpg
Barbarian Framed Fine Art Print Signed by Brom
World of Warcraft
Signed World of Warcraft Dwarf Box Art Fine Art Print by Brom
Barbarianauc.jpg Dwarfauc.jpg
Signed Overwatch Collector's Edition PC + BONUS Original Sketch
Heroes of the Storm
Signed "Machines of War" Fine Art Print by Luke "Mr. Jack" Mancini
Owteamauc.jpg Hotsteamauc.jpg
Signed Overwatch Cinematic Still "We are Compassion"
Signed Hearthstone "Worthy Opponent" Fine Art Print by Will Murai
Mercyauc.jpg Hsteamauc.jpg
Signed Artist Proof "The Cavalry's Here" by Arnold Tsang
Signed Hearthstone Keepsake Box + Bonus Prints
Owheroesauc.jpg Hsboxauc.jpg
World of Warcraft
Signed Illidan vs. Gul'dan by Alex Horley
Signed "Deathwing, Dragonlord" Art Print by Alex Horley
Legionauc.jpg Deathwingauc.jpg
World of Warcraft
Signed "Battle for the Broken Shore" by Glenn Rane
Diablo Box Art Print Signed by Diablo III Development Team
Brokenshoreauc.jpg Diabloartauc.jpg